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Do You Need Chainsaw Chaps?

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When you use a chainsaw without wearing chaps, you’re essentially setting yourself up for possible injuries. You see, operating a chainsaw comes with its share of risks. It, therefore, makes sense to protect every part of your body. So, to keep it short, chainsaw chaps make an integral part of your safety while in the woods.

What Would Happen if You Choose Not to Wear Chainsaw Chaps?

Picture this; what if the saw slips off your hands and strikes your leg? Well, you guessed it right – you’d be very lucky to escape unhurt. In fact, chances are, you will end up with a permanent injury. But with chainsaw chaps covering your legs, the scenario can be very different.

By design, chaps sport cut-resistant material that works by preventing the chain from cutting through to your skin. In essence, it stops the chain from moving. That way, the chainsaw rips apart the chaps, leaving your legs safe – which is quite a good trade off.

While the best chainsaw chaps aren’t cut-proof, they reduce the saw’s cutting speed in seconds, allowing you enough time to move the machine away from your body. And, that’s not the only reason you need to wear the chaps. They also come in handy well you accidentally trip or stumble while walking.  Visit http://www.chaincutting.com/best-chainsaw-chaps/ where we review the most sought after chainsaw chaps to help you stay safe when cutting wood.

How Does Good Chainsaw Chaps Look Like?

Well, you want to invest your money in high-quality chainsaw chaps, right? Be sure to check out the material before you spend your money. That’s the best way to know what to expect with the chaps. A pair with denier polyester and PVC coating will make an excellent choice. Tek wrap protective layers would be a great addition.

The waist size should be adjustable for a tight fit. The buckles should be robust to hold the chaps close to your body. Look for a pair that meets safety standards such as ASTM F1897, OSHA 1910.266, and is UL certified. One more thing, ensure that the chaps are washable.

Other Chainsaw Safety Tips

As stated, you need to protect almost every other part of your body when using a chainsaw. Below, we share some tip to help you make the most out of your saw without hurting yourself.

  • Read the user’s manual thoroughly. Understand every little thing before you can start using your machine.
  • Know your limits. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve used a chainsaw before, the risk of  injury still exists.
  • Wear protective gear. Apart from chainsaw chaps, be sure to put on a pair of goggles, helmet, and gloves.
  • If you’ve never used a saw before, start with small, simple projects.
  • Whenever possible, have someone around –just in case something goes wrong
  • Always carry a first aid kit
  • Never climb a tree with your saw.
  • Take breaks to avoid fatigue and to prevent unnecessary injuries.
  • Make sure that your chainsaw is in a proper working condition before you start working

Cutting with a chainsaw doesn’t have to be risky exercise. Just take the measures to protect your body and use the machine correctly. And, remember to keep the saw out of reach of children.