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5 Popular Choices for Wedding Songs only

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The wedding song, for some people, is one of the most important decisions they can make in the planning of their wedding. The song is meant to encapsulate the relationship of the betrothed and that’s not easy, is it? What choice would you make from the many songs you love and which one best represents your relationship?

While it is an intensely personal decision, many often receive inspiration from, or use as a starting point, the more popular selections for wedding songs. The list of songs described below are some of the most popular songs played at weddings. They’re loved in the mainstream and they all come from different genres of music, so there’s something for every couple. If these aren’t your preferred choices, don’t fret, as some easy research on Google will return some answers that will be similar to the songs you like.

Make You Feel My Love – Adele

Originally a song by Bob Dylan, Adele performede a fantastic cover of this moving song that quickly took over weddings and inflamed couples all over the world. Slow, soulful and inspiring a never-say-die attitude, ‘Make You Feel My Love’ is an excellent choice for any couple looking for a song that is a blend of the old and the new.

Dancing Queen – ABBA

Forever a favourite, we don’t think there will ever be a time when ‘Dancing Queen’ will not be played at some wedding somewhere. Upbeat, pacey and nostalgic, it’s particularly popular with older couples, but nonetheless remains quite common among younger ones – such is its catchiness.

Marry You – Bruno Mars

Among newer songs, ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars is no doubt a front-runner as a common wedding song. Perhaps it’s a little heavy on the spontaneity and carefree attitude, but that is exactly what many couple enjoy so much about the song. Give it a listen and see if it doesn’t suit your relationship.

Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

A timeless classic that is described by many to be one of the greatest love songs written, ‘Wonderful Tonight’ resonates with both the old and the young. Written from the perspective of the man, it’s hard to find any man in love who hasn’t identified with the lyrics of the song.

Come Away With Me – Norah Jones

If ‘Wonderful Tonight’ is from the man’s perspective, it could be said that that ‘Come Away With Me’ is from the woman’s. The song is tender, peaceful and reassuring, and many a woman has decided that this is the song that should be played at their wedding.

Of course, this is far from an exhaustive list of songs that are perfect for a wedding, but they have something about them that is timeless and universal. There are also bands working in many genres to decide from, as Wedding Bands Manchester has proven. Love comes in many different forms and is expressed in many different ways, so deciding on a song is a very intuitive process. Hopefully, these songs will help you get started.

Kitchen Shears You Can Grow to Love

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Kitchen shears are one of those household utensils that make things so much easier for you to get things done quickly and effectively.  They will also keep you from needing multiple gadgets to get jobs done that shears can handle on their own. If you don’t currently have a pair of reliable kitchen shears in your home, you may be pleasantly surprised by how useful they are for everyday tasks.

Get It Open Fast  

If you have ever struggled with a hard to open package of food and wasted quality time in the process then you will be relieved to know how much kitchen shears can help you out. They can trim the time it takes to open tough packages by a significant amount of time and get back to the task at hand. This is also a great way to get a clean cut on your items instead of a big tear that can destroy the package and make your food spill.

More Features Means More Versatility

Outside of your standard kitchen shears, you can find ones that have other features that help you out in even more ways. Some pairs of shears come with a built-in nutcracker that allows you to easily break open tough to crack nuts and eliminates the need for a separate nutcracker. These types of shears also allow you to use this feature to crack open lobsters and other types of shells in short order.

You can also get a pair that comes with a bottle opener on it and that makes one less tool you need. Some shears also come with a convenient jar-lid opener that can get the right grip on those hard to open jars and keep you from struggling with it yourself. You can really cut down the need for multiple kitchen utensils with a versatile pair of shears.

Put That Knife Away

Kitchen shears may be underrated in their ability to cut your favorite foods and you may find yourself putting your cutting knife back in the drawer for another day. Those vegetables that you need carefully cut for your meals can be taken care of by some good shears and they do a very good job at it. If its pieces of chicken that you want to cut or fruit slices, your shears can definitely do it well and you have a certain level of control that is different from a knives’ capabilities. Shears may even make you cutting tasks go quicker with less risk of cutting yourself than a knife does.

Kitchen shears are easy to use and very helpful when you have cooking duties. Your herbs and other food items can be cut very well with them and you may love the results. You can check out  for more information on just how great they can be. Just get a pair of these handy workers and see what they can do. You may make them a permanent staple in your kitchen and make them a go-to option whenever you cook your favorite meals.