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Breathe In Pure Air By Getting The Best Air Purifiers

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Increasing rate of air pollution has led to increase in severe respiratory diseases. Many cases have been reported around the world about bronchitis, asthma, various allergy and breathing problems. Like water purifiers, there are devices for purifying the contaminated air. In the past few years, many top brands have launched electronic air purifying devices for providing fresh and pure air to breathe in. These devices are available in the stand alone models which are in small size and affixed air purifying units which are usually bigger. Normally, this type of device was popular only in the hospitals and industrial units, but now they are manufactured for the domestic purposes also.

HEPA air purifiers are widely popular in the industrial units and factories where there is a release of radioactive radiation. They are also responsible for reducing the concentration of allergens and soot particles which are released from the conventional stove. Some of the popular HEPA air filters have charcoal filters attached to them for trapping nasty smell, odor and foul smell. The filter attached to it is capable for trapping chemical vapors, gases and odors.  It provides for the triple level protection. For more details, you can visit plentyair.com.

Working of HEPA air purifier

HEPA air purifier is made up of glass fibers which are arranged in such a way that air is passed through the glass filters and the allergens and dust particles get trapped in the filter on the basis of principle of adhesion to allow clean air to circulate. It is capable of removing the macroscopic as well as microscopic pollutants from the air. There are many air purifiers which have pre filters attached to them so that most of the air particles are stopped at the first filter.

Check before buying

If you intent to buy the air purifier for your house, then you should check the following points to buy the right air purifier:

  • Delivery rate for clean air: it is the capability of air cleaner to clean the air. Delivery rate of the clean air is related with the size and power of the air purifying device.
  • Air flow per hour: The fan installed in the device is responsible for air flow.  Greater the speed of fan more will be the air flow or air performance per hour.

Some HEPA air purifiers claim to remove 99.9% of air contaminants but you should carefully select the right air purifier based on the rating of the product and by checking its reviews online.